It's my little bros B-day in a couple of weeks. I can't decide if I should buy him an Epi LP custom, or buy a schaller floyd for my LTD f-250 and throw in a set of ZW emgs that I have laying around somewhere and give him that. AND no, I'm not rich, my parents are chipping in. As for his taste in music...mostly rock/metal.
I don't care about the F-250. ATM, it's hanging on my wall completely stripped of everything. I wore the stock bridge completely out, and same goes for the locking nuts. I had to file the nuts down so many times cause of indentation that they are useless. And when it comes to modding for the schaller, I have no problem doing that and have the exp.
Well you might as well just replace the bridge then. I think if you order it from Warmoth you get a new locking nut as well so you can replace that too.
I'd get him a new guitar, imagine yourself getting a dodgy guitar for your birthday.

I'd get him the Epi, and shove the EMGs in it, if he has a valve amp. If not, then don't, but yeah.
Cam Sampbell's my hero