Well I bought a simon gift card from the mall and put 13 dollars on it. I bought the ten dollar update for my ipod touch and a cheap application for 1 dollar. But now everytime I buy an application that costs money it downloads it even though I don't have enough money. I've currently got about 40 dollars of applications. I think i'm going to stop considering i'm not actually paying for them but it's weird how they would let such a thing slide.
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Im so gunna laugh if it shows up on your phone bill XD

Because iPods have phone bills.
We had to enter credit card details to get an account on that so...

Paying for it that way?
im just imagining a new thread by this guy in the next few weeks, saying its backfired on me, now my parents owe these poeple hundreds of dollars, and now im grounded. hahaha
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