first, the guitar plays great... has a killer tone. the problem is i just got it rigged for drop tune b and i'm not 100% happy with the sound... maybe it's just my amp( peavey 6505 combo). it did sound killer on a bogner uberschall though. big question...


somebody please explain to me why a baritone would sound better than my current guitar in drop tune B. what is strong and weaknesses for owning a baritone?

for the record, i play grind, death, and black metal...
The longer scale of the baritone will make the strings tighter on low tunings, so in most cases it should be better. Personally I think they are overrated, i've dropped to A on several standard guitars and the results were similar to what I got from a baritone, except I found the longer scale a bit uncomfortable. So i guess it's just like buying a seven string for low tunings, except that no one really notices that you ain't playing an average guitar.

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[quote="'']Yea 27". Your Rhodes is 25.5"

Try some heavier strings for your rhodes and you should be fine. But at the same time try out a baritone just to see if you like them

i got ghs zack wylde string on there now... e string is a .70!!! i dig the sound, just need to clean up the tone un my 6505 combo. i think i wanna put some jj tubes in there to clean it up a little...