my band has some new songs up tell me what u think


add my new prog rock band

That is some awesome stuff. You guys just need a vocalist and your set. I could def see myself listening to this, with all the fancy studio tricks and stuff.
I must say...I have been in my Fall of Troy mood, lately...and you guys are very refreshing! DO NOT GIVE UP! You guys have a certain sound thats unique, but very fun! Keep up the good work, and I would love to see you guys get a vocalist who has a wide range. Try to stay away from constant screaming. That's just my two cents! AMAZING!
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Wow you guys are ****in sick! I always have a soft spot for bands that sound somewhat like fall of troy because they were my first band that made me venture into progessive music. You guys dont sound too much like fall of troy at all just somewhat reminds me of them somehow. Nice influences too; RETURN TO FOREVER!!! You guys are my favourite band that i've found on this site, i would be honored to share the stage with you guys one day. Check out my band myspace i think we're the same age as you (listen to the ending of mirror world and you will probably die jk) we're more pth, btbam influenced www.myspace.com/closedfortonight

PS. Nice production too!
Referring to Victor Wooten
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