thinking of purchasing a 7 string any suggestions preferably with no floyd, was looking at the schecter C7 but cant find a uk dealer
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From what I know Schecter isn't that hard to find in the UK, check their dealers section on the official site. Though before you buy one make sure to try it, I got one and despite being good for the money i spent, it has a really uncomfortable neck joint. For something cheap I suggest you to check out the Ibanez RG standard 7 string that has a fixed bridge and it's quite well built, or the base model of the LTD Stephen Carpenter series. If you want to spend more try the Ibanez Apex 2.

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arg i was just going to suggest the agile septor 7 from rondomusic. but the shipping to the UK wouldn't really be worth it.

Ibanez rg7321 is supposed to be a decent workhorse 7 string.
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The Schecter Hellraiser is a solid choice, even though some people think the neck is a bit too chunky.
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go with Ibanez, probably the best bang for your buck... or quid, I s'pose.
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Ibanez gets my vote here as well. that low end seven is a really nice piece.

best bang for your... quid... is right.

the schecters are nice as well, but Ibanez won out for me in that area. (I own an Ibanez and A Schecter in 6 string forms, so I'm not biased either). In my opinion though, the low end schecters aren't as nice as the low end ibanez axes. If you spend more money, you get stiffer competion. I'm not a fan of the Korn branded Axes, and at the same time, I don't like the look of the hellraiser 7 string so meh.

but, you'd be right solid with that RG. That's my suggestion. and if you really wanna spend more. fork up for an ESP, those have never done me wrong. the few 7 strings they make, I've tried out before, and all I wish i had money around to buy 3 or 4 of.
My only qualm with the schecter was the neck did feel a bit toyish because of the finish, and the neck was also rather flat. I prefer fatter and round necks.

If you like thin and flat necks, an ibanez would be a good choice. Other than that i won't try to force one on you like some people here try to.