I have heard that this is a good band, and I have decided to check them out.

Can you recommend me some good songs by them?


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their albums from "Something Wild" to "Follow the Reaper" are worth a listen, after that I wouldn't bother personally
"Their eyes, black in kingdoms of gold, like the rocks of this desert, where we wander in circles, tails up the ass of time..."
angels dont kill
silent night, bodom night
bed of razors
lake bodom
etc etc
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Children of Bodom! (the song)
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Definately the songs Towards dead end, Kissing the shadows, Downfall and Bed of razors.
Follow the reaper, Hatebreeder and Hatecrew Deathroll are the best albums, after that their music changed quite a bit.
Lake Bodom and Follow the reaper are what got me hooked.
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Bed of Razors
Towards Dead End
Angels don't kill
Tripple Corpse Hammerblow
Lake Bodom
Bodom Beach Terror
Banned from Heaven
Knedl mid Soß. Des moga!
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check out the album Hatebreeder, the songs "hatebreeder" "children of bodom" "Towards dead end" and "downfall" are amazing "bed of razors" is awesome too
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