So.. I feel the time has come for me to get rid of my ol' MG15DFX and since I don't know much about amps some advice would be highly appreciated

I use a Epiphone Les Paul Standard and I DON'T do gigs or play with a drummer. I've been playing for 2+ years and i mainly use the amp for practice/playing at home/playing with friends. In other words, it shouldn't be way too loud for a bedroom but it shouldn't sound terrible like my MG.

I mostly play stuff like

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
some Slash (G'n'R)
and getting more into Hendrix, Clapton, Santana, Zappa

I'm also into metal, being a huge fan of Opeth, and playing some occasional thrash like Metallica and Pantera. I also have a growing interest for Meshuggah, The Ocean and other technical bands, but that's not really what I'm looking for at this point..

Naturally, I want to be able to play leads, rythms, cleans, everything. I also own a Fuzz Face pedal, figured it'd get me closer to the warm fuzzy 70s lead tone (which is mainly what I'm aiming for). If I had the option to get an amazing 70s tone at the cost of having a less good (but acceptable) metal sound, I'd probably go for it. But obviously, I'd prefer an amp that does both pretty well.

I'm able to afford something around $500, and I've nothing against getting a used amp. Naturally, if there's this amazing amp for $700 I'd rather save up for that, but again, I don't want an amp that's too loud.

Now, I've read some good things about Peavey Classic 30, and I've figured it'd do the 70s tone pretty well, but can it go anywhere near metal? I mean, I don't want to get an amp that sounds like a breaking coffee machine when I turn the gain up.

I'm not that into effect pedals, but if it'd do wonders - why not.

The post got a bit messy, but I hope I got my question/s through!
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Orange tiny terror combo!
and a nice pedal to do some metal with it

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Orange tiny terror combo!
and a nice pedal to do some metal with it

Mitch Hedberg Group

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The Orange combo is like $850 here.. and it's really hard to find a used one.
But I'll keep an eye out for it..
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The Orange combo is like $850 here.. .

What major city is around "here"? $500 goes a long way in the US for used stuff.
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Try a Line 6 HD147. It has many useful outs and ins. Can easily be used without much extra for what ever you want. Gigs, rehersals or studio etc.
i say its between a Hot rod deluxe or a classic,
that being said I say a HOt rod would be a better choice its got an edge on the classic for cleans cause of the extra head room and i like the verb on it better also it really sings when you crank it, and i bet it will have jimmi and clapton covered
People will say valvekings here, I guarantee it.

On the other side, you have used tube amp combos that can occasionally get that low. Please understand that finding a used peavey tube amp combo, or a nicely priced marshall combo amp (just not mg) is worth its value even if you do have to replace the tubes.

But back to what you probably want to do, there are many amps that would fit your budget and sound specifications.

the blackheart tube 15 watt combo has some GREAT reviews, maybe not on that site, but its a looker and it plays nicely. Buying this and getting a metal muff or a little muff from electroharmonix would be greatly suited for metal. And the best part is that this thing can get freakin' loud if you really want it to.

Crate v series 33watt people on the site will claim its distortion is muddy. I think thats what a vintage marshall being overdriven sounds like. Its a great amp, and for the price you simply CANNOT go wrong with it. If you feel like you want more of a grainier cleaner brighter sound, then you can replace the speakers with warehouse or celeston vintage 30s or even greenbacks if you have the money. And the tubes can be changed. Some people swap them for jj's or sloveks or whatever, and you get a much different sound from them.

Go try these two out at a guitar center.