So i'm digging through a bunch old crap and find this pedal --> DOD FX-13 Gonkulator Modulator.

I got it like ten years ago n didn't use it cuz i thought it was crap, but a freind of mine said its a collector item n i could snag a couple hundred bucks for it.

Is he messing with me or is this for real? Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
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They sound pretty good to me, if I'm thinking of the right thing. I think Mike Einziger uses one for the intro in the song Pendulous Threads. Maybe you could hang on to it (or give it to me for free...)

EDIT: I've had a look around, and indeed they are long discontinued (mainly because a lot of people thought they were crap) but there are still people after them, particularly big Incubus fans, because as far as I know Mike Einziger is the only pro who uses one. For example, there is a thread on IOV forum about people complaining about not being able to buy them. I'm sure there will be some die hard fan who is willing to shell out between $100 - $200 for it. They actually sound pretty cool IMO (listen to Pendulous Threads and Glass by Incubus if you want) and I wouldn't mind effin around with one myself. But yeah if you want some money, put it on Ebay, someone will buy it. Thats the end of my rant.
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I sold my gonk on ebay for £135 a few months ago. good since i paod £25 for it. They are rare now and demand does outstrip supply so you should make a pretty penny on it should you sell.
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They are quite expensive now. Look em up. I wanted one before the price went way up on them.

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I've always wanted that cuz J. Yuenger of White Zombie used to use it a lot (especially on AC2000). Either they're too pricey nowadays or I get outbidded.

Another one I've GASsed for years is the Buzz Box, supposedly modeled after Buzz Osbourne. That's another pedal that's pricey when found on eBay.
johnny greenwood of radiohead uses that ring modulator (I believe), and mike einziger of incubus uses one.
I want it!!!!

Meh, I already got a Frequency Analyzer, but the Gonkulator is a really ****ing good pedal so hold onto it.
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I just saw a guy who was selling it like a year ago for about $140.

I wonder if he still has it...

If he does, should i get it?