rappers flaunting their abundance of money while appearing unable to afford cloths that fit

whats new?
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Well he is Lil wayne after all..
All he raps about is money.
He is the president of Cash money records.

He swims in that shit
I bet they're just throwing around photocopies.

EDIT: Oh, God, he's actually trying to carry a note... My sweet ears.
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I bet they're just throwing around photocopies.

I'd have thought alot of them are computer generated.
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Wow, a 3 year old music video.... THIS IS MADNESS!!!!

Shh. Rap requires talent.
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Shh. Rap requires talent.

This isn't rap. This is just a pile of shit pretending to be rap.

Tupac is rolling over in his grave.
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I think its an OK song actually.

Love the bruutal guttural scream at the start though.