I'm sure I'm not the only person here who lives in an unbelievably backward musical town.
We only have 1 shop, called Music Scene, in the whole town that deals with instruments. So, about 2 or 3 years ago, I took my Gibson LP Studio there to get set-up to my preferences. I wanted the strings alot lower, I don't remember what else, but what I do rememebr is the it came back feeling exactly the same, was gone a week and half, and cost me £30.

So about a year ago I sent it to my guitar teachers mate. He had it a grand total of 2 an a half weeks, in which I had to play an old acoustic that feels like children dying. However, it came back feeling amazing, better to play than most modern Standards I've had in my hands. So I know a good set-up can be the difference in wanting to play a guitar for an hour, or wanting to play it for 6.

Anyways.. I got a new Ibanez S2170SE off ebay, and yet again the strigns were way to high. However I didn't want my guitar gone for weeks and weeks. So I decided maybe Music Scene had got a new guy, maybe I was just unlucky etc.

So I sent it in last Saturday, telling them to set it up for 10 gauge strings, action lower, and bridge brougth to floating position. Got it back this morning. It feels no different. If anythign the strings feel slightly bowed if ya get me. They look at their highest point over the 12th fret I rung them up and he says "It is impossible to get the action any lower" So I told him I have a Gibson upstairs which is lower and he says "I find that hard to believe.. I've been playing 40 years". I said why would I lie about my own guitar, and he says as a company Ibanez do it like that, and if anything the Gibson should be higher.

Hes a twat.

So now I'm £38 down, and dealing with a man that knows nothing. What to do??
Set it up yourself?

And the strings aren't bowed, it would be the neck that is, and it has to be for some relief.

Anyways, set it up youself using the many tutorials on the web. It can tell you how to lower action and everything like that.
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Your teacher could probably get you a good setup again by the time you learn how to do it yourself, haha. I would just send it to him again, as soon as possible, to get back to playing. You have an additional guitar to play, as long as you could play it you should be fine.
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sounds like music scene are a typical rip off outfit just like sound control here in leicester (or whatever they are called now). i had a similar experience with my lp studio when i took it to them for a set up.

i hope i don't get accused of advertising but try sheehans in leicester (on london road, near the station), they have a couple of really good guitar techs. i have had a couple of guitars set up by them with great results each time.
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