The guitar pro loop is not original, but my licks are, the theme is a bit repetitive, but this is 100% improvised, lots of ideas worked out nice.
This is a huge improvement in my playing since I got back to practicing regular.
Trying for some new sounds while retaining a strong classic flavour,

Aeolian Spin :http://www.box.net/shared/7lc7hcgkyz
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Wow. Loving the tone. Whats your setup?

The lead couldve been louder imo. I loved it though. Some really good stuff in there, especially for improv! Kinda dragged on a little though. I think if the backing track had some more changes in it, it could make for a more interesting song.

Overall i liked it. Some really good playing. Just needed some more direction, but for improv i understand.

c4c? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=969609

A few people like the tone I get. I think it's ass and want to improve it.
Setup? 1959 les paul standard and wall to wall plexis!!
Not really, It a les Paul classic with the hot ceramic humbuckers through a v amp direct to my soundblaster.
Alot of my tone comes from my picking, I manage to get a wah like filtered effect just by varying the amount my thumb is touching the string when picking.
Not too bad for an old modelling amp, I reakon the v-amp is a bit more raunchy sounding than line 6 and I quite like some things about it.
I'm saving for a 50 watt plexi, but I think I might still use the v amp along side it.

Yeah the track does drag on a bit, this is how I improve my playing, by doing some warm ups, then recording myself playing to a loop. Then I listen to see what works, what dosen't, and try to find the things I need to work harder on.

I think the basic theme and feel that I came up with here could developed into a cool sounding track, by giving it some compostion and direction, like you say. Also a melodic hook and some rythmn would be good. Just make the GPro loop my own.