Hi, I tried some yesterday, and they sounded awsome, sound best for my 800$ budget for an electric acoustic.

I don't remember the exact model, but how are blueridge guitars, and ones in that price range, good?

thx in advance
Ive never actually played one, but I am looking for an acoustic in that range (maybe a bit higher even) and I was recommended blueridge by a few guys. From what I hear they are great guitars for the price.
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Freaking amazing.

my model number is in my sig. be aware though, i've tried the same model 3 times (3 different guitars) and each sounded differently. be sure you pick out one that you like and not pick out a guitar model and order it online because you might get a different sound.

for a/e even if the electronics arent good, you can always swap them.

they are really worth it in my opinion. i'm completely satisfied with my guitar and i don't think i'll need another guitar (a lie obviously but that's how much i like my guitar). i liked it better than a lot of taylors and martins i played upward to the $1800 range.

i believe most over $500 or so are solid everything guitars. huge bang for your buck there.
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Blueridge guitars are awesome..truly awesome. I have a Blueridge BR-163, and I love it more every time I play it. Strongly recommend it to TS
Blueridge guitars are made of excellent materials--Better than you'll find in many more expensive instruments. You get bone nuts and saddles. I spent $1600 on my Martin and I still only got Tusq. Not that bone nuts and saddles are expensive, but you just don't find them on cheap guitars.
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I bought a BR-140a, and it is fantastic! Also tried out a 160a and it too was great. I would say that 90-95% of Blueridge owners (from what I have been reading) have had good things to say about them.
Hm I checked Guitar Center a few weeks ago, I haven't seen any blueridges, where can I get the chance to actually play one without buying online D: I live in California. I consistently keep getting good reviews on them, but i have yet to play one
Yeah, GC didn't have them either when I was looking to try one. You'll have to find another dealer that carries them to try one out. I'd check saga's website for listed dealers and then give them a call to see if they have any to try - that is what I did.