So, this is a pretty quick question... How long do products from musiciansfriend usually take to ship?

I ordered the Crate V33 2x12 combo amp (about 50 something pounds)... and I have no idea when to expect it. I live in Canada, so that affects the shipping time.

(Also, I live in University... So I got my parents to order it for me which is why I have no idea when it should be delivered... I forgot to ask my father.)
about 2 weeks.get ready to pay that hefty duty tax,better to buy locally in the long run unless they start shipping to us for free .about $100 duty on every $400 of gear....crazy
My Marshall half stack took 5 buisness days, so 5 days not counting sunday:p (the tape on the box said the cab alone weighed over 70 pounds.)
My guitar took 4.