Wow, that was actually really awesome. Are the drums real or programmed? Also, let's give credit to John Williams where it's due! Keep it up!
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That was pretty good.
It was a good concept, but your timing kind of messed it up a bit.

When you're playing, make sure you stick with the drums' tempo. You've got some serious timing issues at certain points.
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Dude that sounded sick. I loved the way you did rhythm and lead over it, instead of just the chords as the melody, which is what I hear a lot. There was one spot where timing was off to me, but the rest sounded good. Keep it up man. Also, if you wouldnt mind, could you check out one or both of my covers? Thanks. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=969002
Pretty awesome man

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Hey thank you all for the positive answer.
I don´t have belived that this song would be so good on the community.

thank you, please check my other songs out.