So i just realized i want more a utility guitar, like a Ernie ball or a Parker i dont know why but i just dont like the gear i have now. I want a decent guitar and im willing to make a trade. I have a Dean ML '79 with a licensed floyd rose(foreign) I have upgrades i have EMG 81/85. Then im willing to trade my Randall RH50T. its a head, 50 watts all tube. all together its like $1300. The condition of the gear; i got the dean and pickups last Christmas and the amp in late January. The randall ive practically never used so it still in mint condition. The dean dosnt have scratches or stuff like that. So what im looking for is a decent exchange.
So just contact me with your offers and if you want ill send you pics of the gear so just hit me up.
just so you know, if you dont post pics - you wont sell

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ill trade you an epiphone les paul standard cherry sun burst its like 5 months old i bought it over the summer and i really want a dean ml. the les paul is very easy to take anywere i got new gibson pickups on it as well as grover tuners and the action on it is amazing so if you want to trade pm me or somthing