I havent succesfully written a song in months. i cant write riffs anymore. just either straight chord progression or notes. I just got a recorder and i think its holding back my creativity somehow cause everytime i sit down to record i just draw a blank.
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Try playing your old riffs to draw inspiration from, this is probably just a temporary thing.
Listen to a piece of music or a section from a song that either you havent heard in a while or that you've never heard before (it might help if its something you wouldnt normally listen to). if you just jam along to it you'll probably come up with some new idea or phrase that you'll like, thats what i do anyway

hope it helps mate and if not dont worry, inspiration comes from the strangest of places
Same problem lol, I'm like what the ****... this new riff is shit, and end up playing my old ones.
Listening to my favorite tunes always gets my creative juices flowing, just sit and fool around on your guitar and don't worry too much about writing riffs, most of my riffs come spontaneously, I wasn't trying to write them or anything they just kinda happened. It may be that your just trying too hard to write them and over-thinking everything.
i just typed in "songwriting" on youtube and this awesome video of elliott smith giving a songwriting lesson came up. it was pretty amazing
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Try listening to a completely different genre. I was inspired by disco once. Yes, kind of weird, but the riff ended up being a perfect addition to the song I was writing.