ok i have an olp axis mm1 guitar. i am thinking about using the body, and maybe adding a peavey wolfgang neck, to create a custom one off type project. my question is, i know the bodies are very similar, and the necks look to be the same, as well as the scale of the guitars, so would it be possible to bolt a wolfgang neck to the olp body?? i have seen them going on ebay for a good price and wouldnt mind bolting it on if possible. thanks


p.s., no i am not trying to create a knock off wolfgang, i just prefer the feel of that neck as opposed to this one, and would like a custom painted, one of a kind guitar, but want it sound and play good.
Depents on what you consider a fit.
Provided some some advanced guitar building skills and stubborn determination, any neck will fit any body.
If you want it to be a simple matter of tightening bolts, restring and play, then the answer will be: No, most probably not.
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i understand it wont be a restring and play type deal, just wondering if it is physically possible. i know there would be some type of modification involved, but figured it might be possible, given the bodies share a lot of common design characteristics...

^ Yes. You can fit any bolt on neck to any body. You may need to shim the pocket, or route it a bit.

What you need is measurements. I can't give you those, but maybe with some searching you can find them.
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