Well ive been playing electric for 2 years and now i want a cheap acustic guitar just to chill with.
I dont know anything about it though.
I want a steel stringed one, "full sized" and i dont need/want any plug-in abilitys on it. I would like a cut-away too but no need for it.

However since I just bought a for me expensive electric (fender classic player) iwant a really cheap acustic, less that 100€.. Any tips?

Also i read all this stuff about "classic" and "western" "1/4", "2/4" etc. What is all that?

and dont say a guitar that cheap sucks, couse im aware of that its not a masterpiece, but im not either and i dont need a more expensive one right now.
cheers in advance.
There really isn't anything in that price range to recommend.

Just go look at guitars you can afford and buy whichever you like the best.
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oh yeah, i realize that.
what about the "expressions" then? 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4? and the western- classic - concertguitar thing? whats the difference?
100 pounds... So that's about a little under $200 USD.

If you can save up a few more pounds I'd get a Yamaha FS700S Folk guitar.


Not sure if you can get that where you live but it's the cheapest you can get a good solid top, and will be a ton better than the other guitars in that price range, which are usually cheap laminates.

Rule number one when buying an acoustic, make sure you get a solid top, all others are junk for the most part. I know you don't want a expensive/really nice guitar, but trust me, you don't want junk. And for a little bit more money you can get something a lot nicer.

No, it doesn't have cutaway. And it's a Folk, not a dreadnought, so it's going to be a bit smaller.
Yea... you really dont have much choices except for that yamaha
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+1 on the fg700s

I have it, it's my first guitar and I get great compliments on how good it sounds :]! You won't be disappointed in saving a little more to get the fg700s.