So I got me a '73 Super Lead 100 that I want to retube. This is my first Marshall amp, and first 100 watt head, so I was wondering if anyone has some good suggestions. (Aside from the obvious NOS Mullards... assume modern power tubes - I could swing NOS preamp tubes, though).

I currently have a matched quad of modern Tung-Sol (New Sensor) EL34's. Good? Bad?

I hear good things about the JJ's. True?

What tube would be best for the notorious V2 spot?

How about V1 and V3?

I realize that the answers are very subjective according to taste, but any opinions would be hugely helpful in making a decision.

I personally love my High Gain JJ EL84s, but I've got them in a mid-gain amp.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

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i'd go with the jj's for that high gain marshall tone. and for preamp some electro harmonix tubes should do u good
also i'm sure u already know this but make sure u bias ur amp too
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