I have just had the freakin craziest day of my life.
Okay, you don't have to believe any of this but all of its true.
Normal day as usual at school. Brought my guitar, played, did some work, went home.
Then my mom left for this camping thing for the weekend.
So me and my bro are home alone and a friend of his and these two chicks he knows come over. We're sitting around wishing we had more than Chu-hi and beer and sheesha but you can't get any weed here. So us five are sitting around when we decide to do some shotguns with this bowl. So the dude gets it and their on the couch and passes it down to this hot Phillipino chick at the end gets it. Everyone else is passing with their lips, but when she gets it (shes 17) she passes it to me and is making out with me for like a minute while passing me the smoke and my bro is like DUDE no. Their all 17 by the way, so later they have a drink or two each and I'm sitting in my room drinkin a chu-hi on the lappy when she comes in in her under wear from the other room and im in the corner on my bed and she freaking making out wiht me for like 5 minutes. She freakin bites and im like shit ow your drunk. And she keeps sticking her hand in my pants and shit and im like what the hell. So yeah. Then they leave and us three guys go out joyriding and hunting for shrooms(they have a lot here), so we're drifting on this old military air stip when we decide to go fast down this long road with a little curve at the end so we're not reall going that fast when we do this little drift thing and slam this gaurd rail. They hadnt had any drinks, but one of them was a year underage beacuse you gotta be 18 to drive here. So we change the tire and we're like what the hell. Its 2 am by now so we go home which brings me here. The entire night was ****ed up, but its was fun as hell and im freakin glad im not dead.

Just had to get that out.

tl;dr made out with a 17 year old crashed a car smoked some hookah shit out of a bowl drank some chu-hi
Well, you've done everything in one day. Not much left to live for really.
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