I am going to get a new guitar soon and will be heading to check some guitars out tomorrow. I know that selecting a guitar should be based more on how it feels being played but some feedback/advice would be good.

So, I've been looking into ESP (in particular the M-II with the Seymour Duncan JB/59 pickups), Jackson (probably a Kelly or Soloist) and Ibanez (one of the RG prestiege series guitars) with a budget of S$2000 or so (about US$1400). There may be rather huge differences in pricing though, from what I've observed (e.g. certain amplifiers eg Mesa Boogies are ridiculously expensive compared to the US).

I don't really ask for much features - as long as there's a Floyd Rose tremolo, 24 frets and doesn't have EMGs it should be fine, but it will be preferable if it's a neck through built guitar.

As for styles, I play mostly metal (e.g. Arch Enemy, Carcass, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament, Opeth, Ozzy Osbourne) but sometimes switch to playing other stuff such as pieces by Yngwie, Vai, Buckethead, Marty Friedman and maybe even Led Zeppelin.

Also, I'd like to ask:

1. Should licensed FRs be avoided compared to OFRs, or is there much of a difference at all?

2. Are JB/59 pickups versatile enough for cleans? I don't expect Fender cleans, but hope for something decent.
is there a need for a FR?
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Yes, mostly for some of the guitar solos. Personally, I prefer sticking to the original solos (e.g. Judas Priest Hellrider) than trying to work around when playing covers. I mean, just imagine say Kerry King (yes his solos are chaotic and not exactly melodic but just as an example) without a whammy bar - kind of odd in my opinion.
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fr = fun and headaches.

Agreed. They're great to have... until you have to change the strings. Or change tunings. Or break a string. Basically, you're better off with a Strat-style trem for more practical use IMO.
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