i've been using my EMG 81 with my washburn x50 for a few months now, using it a lot.

Anyway, just today it starting making funny noises, like a hissing noise, kinda like rubbing a cable's jack along your clothes with your amp on. The sound of the guitar comes through still, however, this funny noise gets increasingly loud the longer you leave it on. The neck pickup does'nt make this noise.

Is there some kind of problem here, or is this the symptoms of a dead battery? I just wanna know if i should pop to the shop for a 9V, or get someone to look at it..

Very grateful for help!
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Looks like a dying battery

I hope so! But i woudlnt of thought that a dead battery would make it do that, ida thought it would just go quiet or loose gain, or cut out, but im new to actives...
I'm pretty sure that if it were a dead battery it would have a very weak signal output because the battery is what powers the preamp in the pickup, thus giving it the "active" characteristic.

I really don't know what would be causing this - maybe a bad connection somewhere in the guitar's wiring? If someone on here isn't able to troubleshoot this for ya then I would say take it to the shop if it is annoying you that bad!
Check and see if any wires are loose. I've heard when they don't get enough power from the battery to work properly they can make weird noises. I really don't know my EMG's have never done that. When you figure it out let us know what it was. If mine ever do that I'll know what to look for.
all the soldering seems in place, didn't see if there was a dodge connection on the pickup itself, but saying that, the wire isn't soldered on to EMG's...
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GOOD NEWS - i replaced the battery, and the noise hasnt come back, yet.... ill say if it does :P:
Take off the strings, pull the pickups out, and make sure the 5wire harness is squarely on. Just double check and make sure everything is soldered down properly. Could be a faulty power wire or signal wire, too.

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