Allright, pit, can you clear something up for me?
I was reading the Hammer Of The Gods, and there were lots of bits about how Page was into Black Magic. At around the sametime, I was watching a thing about heavy metal, and how Black Sabbaths image and sound was influenced by one of the members interest in Black Magic...
Obviously, this isn't news to me, but I never really thought about it. And I heard about Alistair Crowley or summink, who was a wizard in the 1800's...
Were these people actually able to do spells, or did Page just read stuff in books and take it too seriously?

Tl;Dr: Is there such a thing as magic? Can Page do it?

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I believe in magic, but in return for it, you give your soul to the devil, and you could get possessed or something like that. Just a crazy idea, but I believe it.
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I believe in it. Black magic, white magic, summoning celestial/demonic beings as well as spirits..
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black sabbath....a lot of their links to magic and satanism are just rumors......the whole story about geezer and the spell book leading to the conception of the song black sabbath was a lie
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