Hi guys,
I've got a song from which I don't know the title. The file is named "figured you out" and is said to be from Nickelback's album the long road. I like it and I wanted to watch the music video. Then I realised it isn't that song! I searched everywhere and used different softwares to get the right name of the song but I failed... Maybe anyone of you can help me now? You can listen to it in my profile:
I believe it is from Nickelback, because it got the sound...you now the style of their music.
Would be geat if anybody could tell me what it's named like...Thank you!!!

P.S. please excuse my english if there are any mistakes, I am from germany so english is not my native language
Yes it is, thank you very much!!!
By the way how did you find out? Did you know it, or did you search a speacial way?