I bought a new Crate V18 tube amp, it sounds well in the cleans, but it's not very good at gain. When I turn on the gain, its volume turns up too much, and it's sound quality isn't well either. I'll get a BOSS OS-2 overdrive / distortion pedal, would it solve the problem?? Or Shall I send the amp back to the dealer and get a Fender 25 R front series II?????????? Help please..

Why would u get a Fender 25 R? You could probably use a pedal, i was thinking about getting this amp for metal, but i didn't like it.
mess around with the EQ first if anything and at least have it on 10 oclock when your playin with the gain up so the speaker wont sound muffled.
I'm not sure it's the amp, if the volume's too loud, turn it down. also, if you're used to solid state amps, the gain control on a tube amp makes a big difference in volume, whereas on a solid state it really only controls the dist. so if turning the volume down dosen't help, try turning the gain down. other than that, if it still dosen't sound good, try messing w/ the eq and other controls, that's a pretty decent amp, you should be able to make it sound good.
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When the volume is at 1, it still sounds loud, and if I turn the gain down it doesn't sound good, it's like muddy, will the OS-2 pedal work it out? Shall I get a new amp? Like Line 6 spider 3 or VOX AD15VT or a VOX pathfinder 15R. Because I just got the amp so I can return it. What do you suggest? I tried every control to get a good dist. sound but didn't work. If you think that the OD / Dist. pedal work it out I can keep it.
Can I suggest taking it back if you're not happy, and trying the others out before you buy?

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I'm not sure if you understand you have a tube amp and they're really loud. and they sound best when the volume is pumped.
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