I'm looking for a new tremolo arm for my MIM strat; the one I currently have doesn't sit too well in my hand while I'm playing so I've been looking for something a little different. I've done some looking for both of these online, but as of yet, have been unsuccessful. The one I'd really like would be a shortened tremolo arm, something like what they put on David Gilmour's signature guitar. Failing that, I'd like to find one that is higher from the strings than the standard one, as I could never use mine very well, because once it was screwed in to a decent level where I didn't think it would break, it was sitting much too close to the strings for me. Any leads you have about either of these would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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try allparts.com. i believe they have that.
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Maybe "customize" it yourself? They are pretty cheap so... If you just need the handle higher from the strings a simple bend at the joint should work. (For gods sake don't bend it when it is attached to the guitar - I don't mean to offend you if you wouldn't think of it).
You could search Ebay and Craigslist, or a music store. They might have trem stripped from the guitar, or they may sell replacements.
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