I've been rockin my used Mesa/Boogie Triple Rec for six months now.
Lately I've been noticing a lack of punch and kick especially in the mids.
Although I haven't changed the tubes, I've tried different guitars (Gibson Les Pauls to ESP Alexi's) to no avail. However, when I plug into my Marshall AVT 50 combo, I get the exact sound I want. Is it me, the tubes, lack of knowledge with how to shape the tone on my Mesa or lack of revereb on the Mesa compared to the Marshall. I've considered selling it as their is considerable interest in it. However, my current gigging schedule dictates that I need an amp with balls that my Marshall combo cannot provide. Would a Marshall half stack be more appropriate to the sound I want?
Advice is most welcome.
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try fine tuning the EQ, then maybe change tubes? i wouldn't think this would be a problem with the Triple Rec...? i mean, come on, for the money and the popularity of the amps?? i wouldnt think it was a manufacturing flaw

The Mesa doesnt't have reverb does it? if reverb is the problem, you exactly like me, i cant stand anything without reverb, it sounds too thin and weak. Try a EHX Holy Grail + pedal with it to see
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A Marshall stack would be cool, if you need that much power. But you're going to want something on the high end from Marshall, the lower stuff (such as the AVT and MG), but something higher end such as a JVM, or JCM.

You don't really NEED a half stack, but if you want one, go for it.
How old is the amp and have the tubes ever been changed? It may be that it is them at fault and it'd probably be worth at least trying to borrow some tubes or seeing if a store will do a test with it to see if it changes the problem. If the sounds deteriortated it'd probably point to something like that, or the speakers becoming quite loose and flexed perhaps
Honestly, it could just be the difference between a Mesa vs. Marshall tone.

AVTs do the Marshall voicing pretty well, sure it doesn't sound as good as an all tube Marshall, but it has that same characteristic high mids, bright top.

If I were you, I'd suggest looking into a JCM800 2203, and see how that sounds to you.
how loud are you playing the Mesa?
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It could just be you are really looking for that "Marshall" sound.
Trying really boosting your mids as Marshalls are very midsy amps. If not, sell the recto and buy a Marshall!
or a marshall clone...

Rectos have very flabby low end and do not have that mid roar of a british voiced amplifier. You are probably just realizing you like a British voiced amp more than an American voiced one.

JCM800 time
How old are the strings on your guitars? I've found that the dual rectifier is really sensitive to string age, and mine sounded pretty unsatisfying until I put new strings on. All of a sudden a tone just opened up and the distortion sounded ten times better.