I want to buy my first guitar and give this whole thing a try. Should i buy an acoustic and see how it goes or buy an electric. If i get any good i'd really like an electric but some say learn acoustic first. My goal is to learn some metal. Also what is a good starting point, I don't want to spend a lot if i quit.
I'd normally say go acoustic because anybody that can play an acoustic can tear up an electric but since your wantin to play metal you might wanna go electric so you can have some distortion... if you genuinely want to be a good guitar player though i'd recommend learnin acoustic
An electric will have lower action than an acoustic, so you will probably stick with it longer with electric. Acoustic will make your fingers sore. Plus the sounds an electric make though an amp are cool enough to keep you playing.

Don't be tempted into a a kit with both guitar and amp included. The amp in those combo kits always sucks. My rec is to get a used Yamaha pacifica over e-bay plus a used roland micro-cube. Should be able to get both for $200-$250. Much better than "kit".
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I want to learn metal but first i just need to learn guitar. I guess my question was should i buy an acoustic and than later buy an electric or just pay for a decent electric that will last.
Dude get the kind of guitar that suits the kind of music you want to play. Get the electric, you will just be disappointed if you dont
Get an acoustic. They are harder to play, so when you finally get an electric, it will feel so easy you'll think something has gone wrong (in a good way). You can play metal on an acoustic just as well as on an electric (save high-fret solos) and until you start playing with a group, you don't need a more expensive guitar-cable-(maybe distortion pedal and another cable)-amp setup.
Or why not get both with an electric acoustic . So if you want to rock out with metal just plug in ,and jam.
An acoustic would be better to start with. Get a cheaper one, and, since they're harder to play, this will make your fingers a lot stronger, making the electric a lot easier to play.
I started off playing acoustic - getting the technique perfect.

It was then easy to make the transition to electric. I recommend acoustic first.
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I say electric, it's how I started and I'm big on metal. . . once you get a nicer guitar they'll be easier to play than a cheap one anyways
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I think you should buy the guitar that suits the style of music you want to play. Electric for you in my opinion.
I started on acoustic but when and when I switched to electric I couldn't believe how much easier it was to play. Acoustic is good to build up strength and get your fingers hardened.
I'd say get the guitar that will let you play the music you like the most.

It's all well and good to say that learning on an acoustic will make playing an electric easier but what good is that if quit playing the guitar cause you can't play the style you like and don't enjoy yourself.

So get the guitar that will bring you joy and look for a used cheapy 2nd guitar in the other style.