I have just watched a repeat of X-Factor and it made me sick to thing that this show full of talentless bastards is going to be pumping out a Christmas No. 1 guarenteed. Then I thought of all the people that deserve a Christmas No. 1 that don't have the success of a TV show riding on the back of them guarenteeing them sales.

Now in the day and age of Itunes we can easily buy songs that aren't normally avaliable as a CD Single over christmas, and rather cheaply (79p) So my proposal is we get one of these songs into the Download Charts or main singles chart as Christmas No. 1 in mainly the UK, but I guess it could happen all over the world.

What would happen if everyone woke up Christmas Day all over the world with Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up as the christmas number 1? Or a song more deserving The Pogues - Fairytale of New York.

Of course this is going to cost some money on your part, but 79p isn't a lot of money, hell even buy it twice.

Obviously because X-Factor is going to sell a LOT more than any other song, then I guess Number 2 would be good too

Would be rather nifty if Rick was Number 2?

Why am I suggesting this so early? Because you know the power of the internet, there is a chance if this caught on it could happen, and I bet the odds at the bookmakers of Rick Astley hitting Number 2 are very large Bet a £1 you could be looking at £250 or somethng. idk.
No it wouldn't be nifty, and man do i know nifty.


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x facter annoying you...me too tho the peter kay spoof that's showing next sunday should be a laugh
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It annoys me slightly, bands work hard, its takes them time to get to be able to release and album/single, and to get it to number one. all these guys do is just go on and win the x factor
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