I like Bb a lot.
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you could start by telling us yours...
But I would say E, A, D, or G.
Either major or minor

EDIT: these are the more common ones I use, not exactly my favourites. When I'm just noodling around It's usually in some form of E or A
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Picking a favorite key seems kind of silly. :\

But I'd go with E major and F minor... I guess. :\
E cause its metal
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g# minor
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i like e phrygian alot....it sounds good good and goes along well with my musical ocd

i dont hit flat/sharp notes often
i dont have AD.....ooo,shiny
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Em for metal Am, Bm for blues. F major for jazz stuff.
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When I'm fooling around it's almost always from the Am Pentatonic/Blues scale, so I guess Am when I'm freely improvising. When I compose, I like Dm a lot and don't feel the need to alter my tuning to play in said key as many others do.

There's something interesting about the way C#m sounds, though.

I have what I describe as imperfect pitch, where I am able to recognize keys because I've heard them so many times, so I can tell the difference between the three keys I listed just by listening.

As you see, all of my favorite keys are minor; I hate major scales.
Yeah, F# minor for me, because I like the octave range I get from it. I also like E major for a lot of Hendrixy type partials.

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I'm usually in the key of E or A but i like D aswell ^^ The reason why I'm frequently in the key of E or A is because I know a few sweeps in both keys, and they were the first scales I learned!
minor, phyrigian, harmonic minor, phyrigian dominant all in D

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E anything.Bb lydian A minor

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