They changed stuff from the USA version to the UK one
Any1 else noticed it? Any1 know why?
huh, i thouhgt it was just a new series of little britain...but american..it's in tonite at nine...crap i mean it was on 43 minutes ago....

you win agiain pit !!!!!

btw the game..you just lost it
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Its on atm on bbc 1 and it is but i think its funnier. Maybe coz it takes the piss out of americans
its funny but not as good as the original, and i wish they could actually hold their American accents.

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Some of it was a bit meh. But I did find some parts funny. Fat Fighters never fails to amuse me.
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Some of it was a bit meh. But I did find some parts funny. Fat Fighters never fails to amuse me.

i agree actually.

the 'computer says no' woman was mostly dull to listen too.

fat fighters is still hilarious.

the erection guy and astronaut was funny.

edit. hollowbody5 stop leaving that link under ever post.
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It's a terrible show, regardless of what countries involved.

agreed. The 1st series had its moments but the characters were completely one-dimensional and became stale far too quickly. It's just a crappy catchphrase-based comedy.
1st series was good. 2nd was OK. 3rd was dreadful. I watched the gambling bit at the end of tonight's episode, and it wasn't that good. Too americanised.
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It seems quite good actually, but that's probably only because of the fact that they have had a lot of time to prepare new ideas.

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Little Britain - of all types - became crap out of the first series; after that they just recycled the same five or six characters, just pushing the same jokes. I watched the American one tonight, there were a few moments, but it was still pretty poor. Although Vicky Pollard has always been amusing.
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its always funny the first couple times you watch, then you realise its the same jokes every episode...