well, ever since i formatted my computer i haven't had sound, i thought that the speakers were just broken but i tried other ones and it still doesn't work. I reinstalled drivers which made the computer recognize that i have speakers but still no sound. Ive tried every output on the back with speakers and headphones but it's just not working.
anyone have this problem before?
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Was it sound card drivers for your sound card that you installed?

not sure, but in sound and audio device properties, its says my output device is VIA Audio (wave)
This happened to me recently.

Problem, the onboard sound stopped working. Fuck knows how, but it did. After 2 years without sound I bought a cheap 5.1 Surround Sound Video card off eBay for 6 quid, installed it into a PCI slot in my pc and everything was fine.
As long as you install the drivers for the new soundcard and set the new card to your default sound source, everything will be bitchin.

Try this, and if you have any further problems, PM me.
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What kind of file is it? .exe?

i don't know but i installed it and now my computer is screwed up, as soon as the desktop loads my computer restarts, im only able to post this cus of my ps3