i have a small problem with two-handed tapping, although i dont know if its a technical problem, or something with my technique.

when i practice my tapping, i normally do a small lick on the high-E string, like so: 12-5-7, then going down the strings, blah blah blah. but for some reason, when i tap the high-E, my lower strings vibrate as well. i hear noise coming out of the amp from the lower strings, and i can feel them vibrating when i muffle them as well.

is it something wrong with my technique (i make sure not to hit the strings), or does it have something to do with the guitar itself (just set it up recently at a shop, so unless its faulty, it shouldnt be that)?
since its the high he ur probably pulling off in an upward direction from the twelve. that can get ur finger to touch the upper strings. just practice and make sure not to hit it. also watch ur pickhand thumb. u can always mute the upper strings with any one of ur palms.
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Like they said, make sure you're muting the lower strings. Other than that it could be that your pull offs are sloppy. In that case the notes might sound odd. Play it very slowing and try to isolate the problem.
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alright, sounds good to me. mute bottom strings.

phew, im actually happy that its not because of faulty gear, and id have to take it back again. i dont exactly regurgitate $20s, you know....
I had a similiar problem and actually watched closely while doing it. I was getting "sympathetic vibrations" to the lower strings so I started the palm-mute thing.

I think the lower strings, especially the low E, is prone to this. The more gain you have, the more it is accentuated and for tapping, lots of gain for those hammers.