I am trying to find a power supply, I dont really want to spend the $160 on the voodoo lab power supply. Is there one I can buy from radio shack, or a elctrionc store?
I am not in need of a single power supply. I need one that can handle 2 or more.
How many do you need right NOW? B/c sometimes it's cheaper just to buy individual ones.

ahh... well i think you'd be better off for a "combo" pack... i guess you'd say, haha.

Maybe one of those Dunlop Brick things? I've heard they're pretty good... don't know how much, though...

EDIT: Well, it's $100... http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dunlop-DCBrick-MultiPower-Supply?sku=151091

But you're not gonna find any good ones for cheap...

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^The Visual Sound is meant to be decent and is much cheaper than $100.
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