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Whats your dreamed production guitar in the whoooole world??? mine for example is a gooorgeous ESP V with its floyd and 2 EMG jajajaja :P in a trans blue colour :P nice nice :P or just a Neck thru MH ESP xD
TH3 G3Ar
- JCM 900 SL-X and SV MKII 100HD with LIne 6 sv412
-Bunch of pedals ( WD,BM,NR-2...)
-Ibanez Universe uv777pbk,Rg 2550&321mh
Schecter Damien 7 with a rippling Canadian Flag graphic on it.
that or
Epiphone Dot Studio with no F-foles with a Metalic Graphite Pearlic color on it
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A Fender Graffiti Strat, like the one Eric Clapton played on 'Sweet Home Chicago' on the Sessions for Robert J. Like this one below. Its only cause Clapton played one though really.
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Gibson Flying V with a Floyd and custom finish =3
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custom fender mustang with a hard tail strat style bridge
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this guitar is customized to how i like it
-Fender Jaguar HH
White w/ Black Pick guard and Chrome hardware
2 EMG Humbucker Blackout pickups [Bridge & Neck]
DiMarzio DP420 middle pickup
Pickup switch on bottom left cutaway
Jackson Sharkfin Inlays
Floyd Rose Whammy setup
2 Volume and 2 Tone Knobs
Lefty Stratocaster Head w/ right side up logo and “F” symbol
Screw-eye strap hooks [like on Eddie Van Halen's guitars]

Here's a crude drawing
Here are my dream-customs

Gibson SG Standard with:
-black and blue (SG Supreme finish) w/ black pickguard
-locking tuners
-Customized Headstock shape
My main guitar that I would use

Gibson Les Paul Studio with:
-Checkerboard finish w/ black pickguard
-locking tuners
a guitar I would hang on my wall, and use sometimesl

Gibson Explorer with:
-EMG's (the usual)
-Custom Black fire finish w/ red pickguard
-locking tuners (I can't stand going out of tune)
-lower-action for easier tapping
that would pretty much be my shred/metal rig.

And I would top it all off with a Marshall JVM Tube Head half-stack to plug it all in on, and a BOSS GT-10 for my effects.

These guitars would pretty much be possible if I had a lot of money. The custom finishes, custom headstock shape, and custom pickguard color would be what I would have to get Gibson to do.
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dave mustaine's angel of deth with emgs and a floyd
Morpheus Droptune
Ibanez Weeping Demon
Bugera 333xl 212
Ibanez RGA321 fitting with BKPs of some kind and/or Chris Broderick's LACS 7 string Ibanez *drool*
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^That Gibson is really nice, I must say!

Mine would be a PRS Custom 24 or Singlecut Modern Eagle.
- Fender American Standard Ash Telecaster w/ DiMarzio Chopper T & Twang King
- Alhambra 5P
- Laney Lionheart L5T-112
- Line 6 POD XT
- Suhr Shiba Drive
- MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
- Dunlop Cry Baby
Hmm, I know what I'd want.

Gibson Custom Explorer...Like super custom xD


24 Frets
Ebony Fretboard
Pearl Vine-Of-Life Inlays
Mahogany Body
Flamed Maple Top
Sperzel Tuners
Trans Blue Finish w/ Matching Headstock
No Pickguard
Schaller Floyd Rose
3-Way Pickup Selector
2 Mini-SWitches for Coil-Split on Bridge and Neck
H/H/H Pickups - Active EMG 81 Bridge, DiMarzio Evolution Middle, and SD Blackout Neck
Black Hardware
Ibanez SAS32EX
Caparison TAT II
Music Man JP 6
ENGL Fireball 60
ENGL Pro Greenback 4x12

i dont really know....Why there´s no Explorer (esp or gibson) with floyd...... It would be a ****in sexy guitar
TH3 G3Ar
- JCM 900 SL-X and SV MKII 100HD with LIne 6 sv412
-Bunch of pedals ( WD,BM,NR-2...)
-Ibanez Universe uv777pbk,Rg 2550&321mh
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i dont really know....Why there´s no Explorer (esp or gibson) with floyd...... It would be a ****in sexy guitar

The Dan Jacobs signature has a floyd rose.
modulus g3

i wish i could find one 8(
Taylor 314CE
Modulus G2T and G3CT
3 Warmoth Guitars
2 Fender MIA Strats--SRV & JM
Alvarez w/ Modulus Neck and EMG DG-20s
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 w/ 1960a cab
Breedlove AC250/SM12
Gold Tone Weissenborn
Adrenalinn III & FCB1010
ALOT of pedals
esp mp600 not the signature version
Jackson DK2M
Peavey Vypyr 15w
Boss ME-25
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At the moment a specific Fender Jazzmaster in a metallic red finish with a matching headstock with white pickguard. My dream guitar is always the one i want next hehe.

That or a Hofner Shorty with 2 P-90s
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Ibanez egen18

Ew god, not a Herman Li guitar. >>

A Paul Reed Smith stratocaster copy with 24 ebony frets, a thick neck, 7-position switching, and a flamed maple top cherry sunburst, or possibly a custom paintjob by Crash, the guy who painted Clapton's guitars from 2001 to 2005.

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