My friend and I are putting quite a few tracks together and have formed a band, the link to our myspace is in my sig but the recordings are pretty rough, but we plan on re-doing them, and were getting better gear.

We'd prefer someone who could both sing and scream/growl, but only doing one of those well will be good. Here's how it's gonna work, I'll send you an email with lyrics and two mp3s attached, one mp3 will have me saying the words where they ideally should go (there is room for singer to change some and use crativity) and one without that you record over. Then you send it back. We'd like someone who could get decent recordings in a timely manner, I dont' want to have to wait more then a week tops for songs.

If interested post your email, and we'll send the mp3s to the song we're gonna use to try out singers.