Alright Pit. Tonight seems dead with repeats of the same topic floating about..

So I've noticed over the past two years that when I listen to music, I am much more focused and entertained by music written by people near the same age range as I rather than listening to a professionally recorded album. Now don't get me wrong, I get goosebumps and etc, from listening to my favorite groups and such.. but there seems to be this feeling missing when I listen to them than say if I'm listening to a friend's recording of a song that he premeditated about with a few of his buds and got together to record it. Sure the sounds quality is something to be desired, but there's a lot of nostalgia linked to it and a connection to it all knowing that I have to practice my musical dexterity and songwriting skills to be at par with them. I'll then record my compositions and send it to them and they'll listen to them work off of that.. and so forth and so on..

Does this occur to anybody else in the Pit? Discuss.
Yeah I know what you mean, even though I probably don't feel as strongly about it as you might. I guess it's just that you feel more connected and it's more personal than some larger than life band that seems really distant and on a higher plane. Meh, I don't know.
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i know what ya mean man. i love listening to stuff my friends record. its just something about it.
hell no i cant stand "home" recordings. makes me want to crawl into a hole of complete silence and die.

9.9999/10 times the recording is going to be shite, and my ears will attempt suicide.
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I listen to and love black metal, so cheap recording quality is an integral part of my soul.

This is true.. but I was aiming at the topic of recordings made by people you are friends / acquaintances with. Perfect sounds quality also can ruin the atmosphere at times.. Frank Zappa's "Unmitigated Audacity" record is a perfect example of that.. atrocious sound quality, but it makes you feel as it you were right there experiencing the show.