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Dog Shit?
0 0%
Cat Shit?
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Your own Shit?
0 0%
Cookies with Shit in em?
1 100%
Voters: 1.
People say he got stuck in a chimmeny and was burned or starved to death.
Others say old age.
Some also say suicide.

I think Miss. Clause got sick of santas HO HO HO and shot him.

Tell me your story of how santa dies?

(Warning for those who BELIEVE in Santa and think hes alive then ok hes alive other then that HES ****ING DEAD!)

My mom says
My dad says
My girlfriend goes
I go

Thats how I role!
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Take out the locking nut on ur guitar man! That way u can tune whenever!

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Usernames are for the weak. I have never created a username in my life and I feel proud of that accomplishment.
everyone knows he died in a tragic stamp collecting accident
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