Hey, I thought I may as well post a thread about my band up on here with hope of you folks liking the material.

A little summary about us.

We're a six piece act who play brutal, yet melodic and lively metal. That's two vocalists, two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer bringing six levels of intensity to the band. We do our best to put on an energetic live show and always keep the crowd happy. In a nutshell, we live for this shit. Come down to one of our shows and hang with us, we're pretty chill dudes and always love meeting the people who make it possible for us to continue doing what we enjoy. At the moment we're just playing the local scene and getting our name out there.


Cheers for your time,
Reminds me of The Black Dahlia Murder, but not too much. It kicks ass.
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Thanks for the comments, any criticism is very much welcome.

Blast For Satan, that's pretty strange/cool that you know Nathan, he's a chill guy and a good friend. If anyone wants to see some live footage, my girlfriend has recorded quite a few videos, sound quality isn't half bad.


Thanks again.

Just noticed Nathan has actually posted a thread about us up on here before, my apologies for cluttering the thread.
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