Whats up with kids these days??? This kid is 7.....


What could have possessed him to do such a terrible thing??? Jeeze. What a sick kid.
that shit's pretty intense.

he probably had his reasons.
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Who wants to make a wager that the kid will be a serial killer when he gets older?
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Who wants to make a wager that the kid will be a serial killer when he gets older?

what's the payout?
signatures are budget.
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what's the payout?

250 E-bucks to be adjusted to inflation or if the almighty internet's economy collapses.
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250 E-bucks to be adjusted to inflation or if the almighty internet's economy collapses.

I'm in.
signatures are budget.
Kids start doing meth earlier these days. Quite awesome.
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It was in Alice Springs anyway, not Sydney. But that's nasty, seriously, what a ****ed up child. Poor animals

this is why you need to spank your children. so they don't get ideas like this.
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back in my day he would have been given the congressional medal of honor for such brave actions such as this

he is an american hero
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I hope someone post his name in the internet, so that he will be known for the rest of his life as the little shit that killed innocent animals for no ****ing reason.





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And their rock and roll music.

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Like your girlfriend.

that made me chuckle..
wow this is serial killer type stuff. I hope he gets some help for the rest of his life.
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Sounds like someone needs to beef up security.

Uhuh.... of course! It was the zoos fault for not having more security!

BTW, sorry... didnt know there was already a thread on this.... dont recall seeing one. Sorry.
****ing Australia. Fix your ****ing laws. Just because he's 7 doesn't mean the firing squad can't shoot towards his general direction.

Firing Squad Member 1: We hit him. What do we do?

FSM 2: This *throws to croc*

I'm usually not like this but that kid is ****ing evil and deserves to be hanged or soemthing.
He's been listening to too much metal.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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If you knew much about Australia, you'd realise where this kid is from is about a large center for crime and abuse of and by children. Basically its a fairly large outback community populated for the most part by Aboriginals (our indigenous people) who for alot of the part are generally druggies and alcholics, mainly due to our poor treatment of them in the past etc. I really wouldnt say assults and violent acts by these children in this community are uncommon, ive been there once, and I have a friend who lived there for 3 years while his parents had to work there, it really aint a good place to be.