Yeah, so I'm stuck in this flat and it seems to be pretty much empty. Not surprising, considering it's Friday night.

I heard some doors open a while back, so I don't think I'm alone anymore. I'm still a little creeped out - it's dark and I keep running into things. It also kind of stinks in here; whoever lives here must not be very tidy. I do smell chicken though.

So. Any ideas on what to do?

...I'm so sorry. I couldn't resist.
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marmite, vegemite, termite...

anything that ends with -mite is the work of Satan's retarded cousin Vinnie.
these are unfunny, uncreative, and lack any brainpower to make.

They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion.

-Ginger Baker

...modes and scales are still useless.

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