I have a black B.C Rich Platinum series Virgin and im wondering if some ebony nail polish over the chips where the wood is exposed would cover it up decent and not affect the sound? Thanks
True but a couplle of them are pretty big (size of nickle) and id rather they not be showing
dude, I PURPOSEFULLY show off dents and dings. My dream is that one day my Tele's fretboard will have that super-broken in look like all the ones from the 50's and 60's that you see.

Although, that's not gonna happen because my fretboard has a different finish..
Use normal nail polish, the clear stuff. Just colour in the part of the guitar you want to cover up with some sort of marker. Then put the nail polish over the top
For those who care.
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I would use model paint.

After you do that take some 2000 grit sand paper then scratch and swirl remover and it will look factory new.

Nail polish would work I believe but I wouldn't want problems with the reaction to the current paint.