I'm selling a Carvin Bolt Plus model guitar with a HSH configuration, coil tapping electronics, Wilkinson Tremelo system, Sperzel locking tuners, and block inlays. The guitar is purple in color with gold hardware. The features in this guitar push it's value to nearly (Possibly over.) $1100 new. I got this guitar in a trade so I really don't know all of it's features considering I did not buy it myself from Carvin, but I've listed the features that I can SEE on the guitar.

The guitar has a small nick on the side and a few small scatches on the front of the body. It is also missing the truss rod cover, but that can be easily acquired from Carvin's website for about $10 it you need it (I've thought about buying one multiple times, but just didn't feel like goin through the hassle.).

This is a great guitar, but really just isn't suited to my style.

This includes the hard case.

(Note that most of the spots that appear to be scratches in the pictures are NOT SCRATCHES. I don't know why those spots showed up there, but they are not accurate.)

$750 OBO + Shipping


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What would you consider for trades?

Other guitars (I don't particularly like strat or LP style guitars.) and Mesa and VHT Pre/Power amps.

Also, it's been brought to my attention that this is actually a Carvin Contour 66, which has a few extra base features than the Bolt-Plus (The specifics are on the Carvin website.). Price stands at $750 anyway.
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I have a Schecter c-1 hellraiser (Black cherry) if you are interested

Here are pics of the schecter, sorry i didn't message you earlier


these are from the previous owner, but i can take more pics if you are interested. I also sent you a PM to your HC name and your UG name