Okay, so my band is playing Halloween night at a local party held every year. So anyways, we've been looking to write a song for the occassion, maybe instrumental, maybe not. And we're trieing to make it have a scary or evil sound to it. So I'm just wondering what some good scales and chord progressions are to make it sound like that. Or any tricks like harmonizing in wierd ways, dissosance, weird tunings etc.

BTW, we've got a normal setup, bass, guitar, drums and singer. So no duel guitar stuff, also we play metal and punk pretty much, Sabbath, Megadeth, Offspring, stuff like that. And we have originals and stuff. So thats pretty our preferred sounds and genres.

Also, we aren't the best musicians, each of us having played for about 10-18 months. So we can't do really tough stuff...
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the key to all the scary and evil sounds are dissonances, just use a lot the chromatic scale on any scale you choise to make the song. Also use much 4ths on chords
why not just play black sabbath by black sabbath? Or at least look at that song and look what Tony does with the guitar
Use stuff that doesn't sound right. Make up chords. In my experience, made up chords always sound creepy.
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If you take it that the notes of the major scale for any given major key are "safe", play with the unexpected, "unsafe" ones:

C Major:

C D E F G A B = safe

Db Eb Gb Ab Bb = less safe

For example, Lydian is considered a bit darker/more mysterious because it utilizes the ♯4 instead of the 4 used by the major scale. Then in a minor key, notes specific to the major scale sound "unsafe", so Phrygian dominant sounds dark with the 3 in place of the expected b3.

C Minor:

C D Eb F G Ab Bb = safe

Db E Gb A B = less safe

In this way, C Dorian doesn't seem as dark as C minor, as it has the A in it in place of Ab.
Play tritones.
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Play tritones.

Pretty ****ing dark, especially when I always hear the simpsons theme .

Use minor scales, lower standard tunings, stuff like that. You got to use them in context with the music, man.
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