Hi, my sister is after a bass guitar, so im posting this on her behalf,

I dont know too much about bass guitars, but ill try and explain her needs as best as possible.

She would like a 4 string bass, and she plays quite a variety of music from a bit of metal, but i guess she plays more jazz and a lot of softer stuff as well.

I didnt want to just go with her and get any old bass, so it would be good if you guys could recommend a few models that we can check out for max US$450.

Quality is more important than features, and i dont know if its possible for this price range, but a jap made guitar would be good.

Any suggestions would be great,

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Fender or the ESP LTD ec-series

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Fenders and Ibanez are good for that range.
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yea go to musiciansfriend.com and in bass just click your price range and read about them and get the one that you can decide on yourself
With electric guitars, i have found some models are bad while some are good, with bass guitars, as long as you pick a reputable brand, is it really just a matter of seeing what feels good? Or are there certain brands/models to stay away from?

I was looking at an Ibanez S series bass, seemed quite nice, but from your recommendations i might check out the fender and esp as well,

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well chances are she will need an amp so look at an ibanez starter kit or possibly a used bass and amp
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if you already have an amp, buy a Fender, Schecter, or Ibanez.

if you have no amp, well...

read my sig. it can suit metal, but it can also run some nice jazz.
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Thanks guys, we had a look at quite a few guitars today, We were most impressed with those offered by Ibanez and Schecter.

Especially the Schecter C4, it was amazing. WOuld this be the pick of the Schecter pack? She decided shel now spend up to $700.

Also we liked the Ibanez EBM i think it was. Unfortunately we couldnt find an SR500 but i she is still interest in 1 of these.

What other Schecter models would be worth checking out? Thanks
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The Stilletto series are great basses, but be careful of the lacquered neck. SOme people like it, some people don't.
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but seriously, fender jazz/schecter stilletto/ibanez/peavey are all good choices.
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schecter and ibanez...
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naa she doesnt like the classic stylez. Im thinking weel probably go with the schecter C4 or maybe and Ibanez EDB
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peavey millinium AC

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looks and plays great.

About $400 if you get it with a hardshell.

The hardshell is a must!
Ibanez ATK's are awesome.
Ibanez SR500 is awesome as well, but I don't think you can get a new one for 450$
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EP out now!
get the peavey and use the other money to save for a nice amp.

atleast check it out. I've worked in music stores and people love those peavey basses.
For the price its a steal.

dont forget! the amp is very important to the sound.

Look for a 115 that cranks if you're looking just for a practice amp.
good for small gigs and for jamming with friends.

don't cheap out on the amp, you'll regret it later when no one can hear you over the mix.
Ok we have narrowed it down to 3 guitars,



Unfortunately there arent many places in AUstralia that sell Peavey guitars so they are out of the question.

Which of these guitars would you pick? We played the EDB and the C4 and they were both very nice guitars, unfortunately we didnt get a chance to play a SR500 but im sure it will be good, the specs seem very promising with 3 band EQ etc. Just having trouble deciding out of these 3.
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sr500 myself. those things are comfy.
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I wouldn't call what we have here on the Bass Forum a mentality. It's more like the sharing part of an AA meeting.

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I am definately an Ibanez fangirl and love my workhorse SR800. I like the SR series over the EDB. I haven't really played enough C4s to comment there.

The Ibanez can handle a tonne of different genres, is highly playable and has great tonal qualities.

Now I play a decent amount of jazz (traditional, fusion and cool). The one comment I will make is that while you can get a semi-decent jazz tone out of an Ibanez, it takes a great amount of EQing and flatwound strings. Its not the bass I would choose if jazz were my predominant genre. It tends to cut through the mix a bit too brightly when thrown into a jazz combo situation.
Thanks for all the advice guys, she ended up going for the SR400, as it came in the nice blue colour that she wanted
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