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Celadon city
3rd floor.

Tried it.

Was closed until I defeat the Pokemon Master, and I really can't be assed.
HOLY SHIT THATS A BADASS JACKET, im not being sarcastic here, thats awesome.
The Mitch Clem formula
1)make jokes about rancid and NOFX (as if they dont already make fun of themselves)
2)make obvious punk puns, possibly related to food
3)make fun of Rancid and NOFX again
5)PROFIT (and an army of internet fanboys)
i can tell you how to make it?

go to a thrift store pick up a white jacket : $3.99
get silk screening supplies at an art store: $30-50

and then please never wear it in public
Quote by metaldud536
Celadon city
3rd floor.

liar! There's nothing for sale on the 3rd floor!

your spose to be being attacked by a ghost
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that wasnt scary daryldom, it turned me on

Proud Canadian Eh?