keeeeeeeeeeeev, hes heaps sick ay?

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Just so you know the guy isn't actually like that. And Man I hate those video's. It just reminds me of how my mate used to act for laughs, which was funny in year 8. I just find humour in it. My mates all love it, but ergh.

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That video isn't funny or entertaining at all, yet it seems to be such a massive hit on youtube
I love that vid!
My mates and I all idolise trent :P
There's a suburb near me filled with people just like him.... *roll*
In Australia theres a bumper sticker you can buy saying
'I climbed the fence at bass hill'
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haha im going up to gosford next week.

Ive seen this many times, it's huge at my school.

I showed it for my legal studies speech hahaha. The teacher went nuts.
Don't bother asking how it relates.
Quote by howey

There's a suburb near me filled with people just like him.... *roll*

I live near Punchbowl.
Just Fvcking Relax ayyy?
Hilarious video, popular at my school also.
And as much as we'd all love him to be real, he's not.
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i hate those ****ing accents

Same. Bogans are Australias chavs and are only just understandable.