Does anyone know what the difference between an epiphone casino which sells for about $600 vs a epiphone casino elitist 65 that sells for about $1500 is? Thanks.
the Elitist is a japanese made guitar, with Gibson Quality standard and gibson usa parts installed from the factory. also, Elitists sound and feel more like a gibson than a new gibson lines with a third of the price tag. Great AXES!
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also, Elitists sound and feel more like a gibson

I wouldn't agree that Elitists 'feel' more like a Gibson. They've still got the Epi neck profile (which personally I prefer to any of the three Gibson profiles; and yes, I have tried them all), they use the same fretwire as other Epis, and they have a thick poly finish like other Epis too.
And they certainly don't sound more like them.

It's all rather moot now though, since all Elitist models were discontinued a couple of months back.
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Honestly Epiphone makes (in my opinion at least) better hollow bodied guitars then gibson. So there is a pretty big differance between the two and if you on a budget the casino is a great guitar, but the Elitist is just all around better.
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