im going tommorow to test out (and hopefully get) a used B-52 AT-212 close to my house... and I was wondering what exactly I should look out for that could be warning signs of future problems...

2 threads? Same topic? 1 Minute?
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Used is used - it always comes with a risk. If it turns on and you like how it sounds, compare the price with other used ones in the area - call some shops and see what they'd sell it fore, then decide.
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yea i understand but wat are somethings to look out for... like prewarning of future problems...

also im gettin it for 300 thats a pretty good deal i think
sorry for bumping but i need this info in 2 or so hours so any help would be appreciated
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Check what year it is. Ive heard the old ones aren't very reliable, or was i thinking of Bugera?

bugera dont really have any old amps yet