A BOY of seven broke into a zoo, grabbed ten animals — and FED them to an 11ft crocodile.

The sadistic youngster was seen smiling as CCTV filmed him hurling reptiles to their deaths in a 35-minute rampage.

The 31st saltwater croc, named Terry, can be seen splashing in his enclosure as he devours the prey.

Chilling ... boy (left) throws something into crocodile pen

Chilling ... boy (left) throws something into crocodile pen

They numbered a turtle and nine lizards, including blue tongues, bearded dragons and thorny devils.

The youngster also used rocks to bludgeon to death three more lizards.

He had jumped a fence and ducked sensors at the zoo in Alice Springs, Australia.

Boss Rex Neindorf said: “That a seven-year-old can wreak such havoc in so short a time is unbelievable.

“Back in my day he’d get a big boot up the a***.”

The boy — identified from CCTV — and his mum have been quizzed by cops. The zoo may sue the parents as he is too young to be charged.

What should happen to killer kid?


That's one fucked up kid, must be a future serial killer or something.